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Molly and Spiker joined forces when they were fated together by mutual friends Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D.  Originating in the midwest, both artists bring to the table strong Americana influence and infuse it with conversational lyricism, rock roots, and a clear and unique sense of humor.  Molly B  (Take It Easy, Be Brave) John Spiker (Tenacious D, Pete Yorn, BigTalk, Carolina Liar, John Carpenter) musical guests:  Jon Sosin, Andrew DeRoberts, John Konesky, Scott Seiver, Bob White

Molly bares her heart and soul - a force to be reckoned with, but always with a little wink and smile. Chock full of brilliant guest stars like producer himself John Spiker playing everything, Kyle Gass (Tenacious D, KGB) on recorder and flute, Mark Stepro (Madison Square Gardeners, Ben Kweller) on drums, John Konesky (Tenacious D, KGB, John Carpenter) and Andrew DeRoberts (Kris Allen, OneRepublic, Dave Brubeck) shredding electric guitar, it’s Molly Bryant’s tasty lyrics and the purity of her vocals that keep you coming back for more. Listening to the tracks is like spending an afternoon catching up with an old friend. You find yourself listening, laughing, feeling, thinking, and wrapping yourself in the pure joy of it. You simply don’t want to it to end!

produced, mixed and arranged by JOHN SPIKER (Tenacious D, Pete Yorn, Big Talk)

Molly's Debut Album - Brilliantly produced by award-winning songwriter/poet Matthew Mars (Superman Loses the Girl) featuring guest performances by such luminaries as featured vocalist Jack Black (Tenacious D) and actor/violinist Michael Panes (Anniversary Party), TAKE IT EASY is easily the most compelling recording by a new songwriter in a very long time.  MOLLY BRYANT’s music will change the way people hear songs, forever. Listen!

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